Thursday, June 27, 2013

Timberwolves Draft - Worst case Scenario

The comments are hilarious.

Here is the thing with the Timberwolves - you can NEVER assume that they will take a good player, and you can NEVER assume that they will select even the players who you think would suck.  Examples?

Wolves are selecting in a draft with Danny Granger and Gerald Green as mid-level picks.  As it turned out, it was like going to steal a getaway car and having the choice of either a Toyota Camry with some front end damage (Granger) or a Porsche that had trouble starting and doesn't work 85% of the time.   The Wolves select -- Rashad McCants - a moped stuck in the way back of the lot that no one would ever select.

Then the Wolves are picking and can select Steph Curry - sort of a smallish sports car.  They say, "Whoa, too small!" and select..........Jonny Flynn, basically a two seater version of a Yugo. 

Wes Johnson - 23+ and doesn't play hard.  Yep, gotta have him.  Why?  Who the hell knows?
I guess he was the first car on the lot.  OR as they said on The Brady Bunch to Greg, "you fit the suit."

So as bad as you think a T-Wolves draft will be, you really cannot imagine the horror until it occurs.  Just imagine if once a year something horrible happened to your family member.  You knew the date, and they would do it to themselves.    But every year you just cannot imagine what they are going to do to themselves.  Someone lays a hammer, a chainsaw, a wrench and a cheese sandwich on the table and the family member pulls out a bomb from his pocket and blows himself up.

You cannot make these things up.

When the Wolves select backup big man Cody Zeller tonight, or take point guard Trey Burke, a normal person might say "WTF!?!?" I will chuckle.  Or when the Wolves trade their #26 pick for Marshon Brooks (40% from the floor, 29% from 3) I won't cry, I will just expect the unexpected.

NOTHING surprises me with the Wolves.  If they were to select a 28 year old guy from Africa - already done.  Select a guy because he once held LeBron James to 17 points in an all-star game - already done.  Selected a guy and immediately stated that he would never play in the NBA - already done many times.  Selected 4 NBA starters in one night and traded 3 away - yep.

What else can possibly happen?  Could they just pass?  I guess that would surprise me some.  Could they trade the #9 pick for 100 year old Paul Pierce - maybe, more likely for Kurt Thomas or the rights to Grant Hill. 

We shall see.


Al Swearengen said...

Did you, in fact, chuckle following the Burke selection by the Wolves?

HM said...

I did, and I said, "Of course..."