Monday, July 29, 2013

Corey Brewer - And the Other 5 Worst Long-Term Minnesota Timberwolves of all-time

Since I didn't want all of the work of sorting through 10-12-14 suckmeisters, I had the computer do my work and sorted only by the worst of the worst:

4000+ career Timberwolves minutes, PER under 13, less than 10 Win Shares, less than .08 Win Shares per 48.

6 Names.

6th Worst -- Randy Breuer.  Breuer was pretty bad by the time he reached the Wolves, so bad that he was traded for Brad Lohaus, but when you match him up against other suckwad Wolves, he is pretty clearly the best.
8 total points (3rd fewest games played, best PER, 2nd best WS and WS/48)

5th Worst - Marko Jaric
Again, no denying he was terrible, but of this list he was #1 in WS and WS/48 (10 total points)

4th Worst - Rashad McCants
Shaddy might have done even better but for the fact that he played 225 games for the Wolves, thus giving him 5 points in that category (I mark down for more games played - you had longer not to suck and still sucked)\
(13 total points)

3rd Worst - tie

2nd Worst -- Sebastian Telfair and Chuck Person
Wow.  How awful were these guys as Timberwolves?  Well, consider this:  the only major difference between them and the top guy is that they played far fewer games as Wolves, so they get a better score in that category.  But Person and Telfair are last and next to last in total Win Shares, and last and 3rd to last in WS/48.  They were truly awful.
(16 total points)

THE WORST - Corey Brewer
For those of you who wonder why I despise Corey Brewer since he is a nice guy and tries hard, here you go.
He played 232 games and 5954 minutes as a Wolf - the most of anyone on the list.  His PER was 10.5 - the worst of any guy on the list. 
Marko Jaric played 104 fewer minutes as a Wolf and had over 3 times as many Win Shares.  Randy Breuer and Rashad McCants played over 1,300 fewer minutes than CBrew.  McCants had 50% more Win Shares, Breuer more than doubled CBrew's Win Shares. 

Marko Jaric's WS/48 were THREE TIMES that of CBrew!!!!  Chuck Person and Sebastian Telfair, almost certainly, rolled up 0 defensive win shares as a Wolf (I saw them play, I don't need to look it up).  STILL they had almost the same WS/48 as CBrew!

So welcome back, CBrew, a year or two at even a mediocre rate of play may vault you above Person and Telfair and into becoming only the 3rd worst Wolf of all-time.  And for that effort, you will be paid $15,000,000.

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