Monday, July 15, 2013

Michele Bachmann - Time to Take Away Obama's "Magic Wand" By "Spanking" Him

Certain things are tough.  For example, it is difficult to be a woman married to a gay man.

Another (completely unrelated) example - it must be tough to dream about a powerful mixed-race Mandingo fantasy guy having sex with you with his magic wand.  Maybe you want to engage in some kinky behavior with said powerful man.  So you say - uh, we need to spank HIM (since he always spanks us.......well, not us........but those filthy slutty under-30 Latinas whom he just lets do whatever they want, including VOTE).

This is a whole bunch of crazy here, but there is SOOOOOOOOOOOO much sexual need here from Michele - so much need.  It is scary.  Someone get the woman a corn dog.

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