Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wolves Summer League Early Report (Not mine)

On the court, the Wolves got up and down the floor scrimmaging at the end of Wednesday’s second practice. Of note:

John Holland—the Boston University product who played in Spain last year—hit a couple long jumpers and looked locked in during his offensive sets.

Shved impressed Muhammad with his passing ability, something that was definitely noted by his Wolves teammates during his rookie season.

And Luke Sikma, who showcased his energy a year ago during the 2012 Summer League, showed that same energy early on attacking the offensive glass.

My comment - Muhammed was not surprised with how WELL Shved passed, but rather simply by the fact that anyone would willingly pass the ball (Shabazz < 1 assist per game at UCLA).

My comment - this John Holland does not resemble the guy I know of the same name:

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