Friday, August 23, 2013

11 Signs of a Sociopath

When I was in law school, I dated a girl who could lie right straight to your face and show absolutely no sign that she was telling a lie or felt bad about doing so.

She did a lot of bizarre things (including constantly telling me that she knew people who could have me killed and saying that I left the cabinet door open again she would take a knife and stab me).  But lying so well was the only one that really scared the living hell out of me.  "OK, [name of girl] let's go to the grocery store...."  What?  "Well, you said 5 minutes ago that you wanted to go."  No, I did not.  "Well, wait, you did."  No. 
Then I would stare at her and she would wait 20 seconds and say, "see how well I lie."  Jesus.  Yeah, real funny.  I forgot I had Torts homework tonight....see ya!


Anonymous said...

I dated that girl too. (Or at least one who had the exact same traits.) Told me she was pregnant when I wanted to break-up. Blatant lie-- but it was all part of her use of manipulation to get what she wanted. Took awhile, but I escaped. Scary times.

Saw her several years later and when she tried to re-renter my life "as a friend" I confronted her about how she tried to ruin our lives. She denied ever having done it. (Which, GIVEN THAT WE HAD GONE TO COUNSELLING ABOUT BECOMING TEEN PARENTS BASED ON HER LIE, WAS ASTONISHING!!!) WOW. Dodged a bullet there.

HM said...

Wow - you win. Or, I guess, lose.