Monday, August 05, 2013

9 Greatest NBA Non-All-Stars

I required 20,000 minutes of play and a PER over 15 and a WS/48 over 0.1.  Then I ranked in 3 categories:  career Win Shares, WS/48 and PER, awarding 10 for a first-place finish, down to 1 for a 10th place finish.

Only 1 guy appeared on all 3 lists (he is #1).  The other guys appeared in the top 10 twice.

9.  Toni Kukoc (10 points)

8. and 7. (tie)   Corey Maggette and Don Nelson 11 points)

6. and 5. (tie) Cornbread Maxwell and Jason Terry (13 points)

4 and 3 and 2 (tie) Sam Perkins and Andre Miller and Rod Strickland (16 points).

Best NBA Player to Never Be Named an All-Star:

#1 -- Marcus Camby 6th all-time in Win Shares for non-AS; 3rd in PER and 6th in WS/48.
18 points

Not bad for a guy who was so terrible in Toronto his second year in the league that he was traded for 34 year old Charles Oakley, Sean Marks and cash.


Anonymous said...

I notice that Jon McGlocklin is not on this list. Oh that's right, All Star. PAR

HM said...

1969 all-star. I checked again - looks like he was very good during the 1969-73 time period.