Friday, August 30, 2013

Monthly LeBron Entry

Even in the off season, I need a monthly LeBron Entry.

1) Do a search for players with 765 games played or more and averages equal to or better than LeBron's 27.6/6.9/7.3. 
Answer -- none.  No one.

2) Do a search for 765 games played and PER of 27.6, Win Shares greater than 152 and WS/48 greater than .24.
Answer -- two guys.  LeBron James and Michael Jordan.  Jordan defensive stats are better, shooting stats very similar, James slight edge in assisting and rebounding.

Edge:  Jordan - played 300 more games and yet still had a higher PER and higher WS/48 (this even includes his ill-fated time with the Wiz).

3) Do a search to look at people equal to or better than James' 138 playoff games - 27.3 PER, 29.5 WS, 0.238 WS/48.

Answer - two guys, LeBron James and Michael Jordan.  Again, Jordan gaining the slight edge due to a 41 extra games played advantage plus a slightly higher WS and WS/48.

(It should be noted that on a per minute basis George Mikan was equal to James as well; he just did not play long enough to reach the WS volume of Jordan or James).

Sooooooooooooooooo - a pretty good argument could be made that Jordan is the best player of all time, and James is #2.

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