Thursday, August 01, 2013

Riley Cooper - Racist. (Video)

"I was drinking." -- he doesn't look like he was drunk.  "I said some things I shouldn't."  OK.  "I have apologized."  Again, OK.

This is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY different than the Paula Deen stuff.  She is an old white plantation owner who lived during actual de jure segregation in The South.  Of course she called black people niggers.  Goes without saying.  This guy is like 25 years old and works every single day with a 75-80% African-American group of peers.  That he would get upset at one security guard and threaten to start indiscriminately beating up "every nigger here" is a disturbing look into his soul. 

Strong stance by the Eagles - fined an undisclosed amount and told to say he is sorry.  No suspension.  No sensitivity training.  Next up for Cooper - a job at FUBU where he walks around randomly threatening co-workers.

Great stretch here for Florida.

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