Friday, August 30, 2013

The Worst Players to Log 765 NBA Games or More

LeBron's 765 games played got me thinking -- he appears to be the 2nd best player ever to log 765 games, but who are the WORST guys who have logged 765 games?

here you go:

11th worst   Jon Koncak - no, it wasn't just the ridiculous contract he signed, he was a far below average player as well.

10.  Rory Sparrow - keep your eye on the Sparrow.....if you wanted to see a combo guard who wasn't any good.

9.  Chris Dudley - when you shoot like 40% from the line, it hurts your advanced statistics....a lot...

8. Mark Bryant - tough.  If you took an MMA perfomer who was 6'9" and put him on the court, you would get similar production.

7.  Brian Shaw - played with a lot of good teams and logged a lot of minutes...........he shouldn't have.  Right places, right times.  Well below average player.

6.  Anthony Johnson -- every once in a while you look out on an NBA court and say, "Well, that can't be THE ___________, he'd be like 35 and he sucked...."  Anthony Johnson epitomizes the player that creates that situation.


5.  Calbert Cheaney -- I once sat in a cab in Memphis and noted that Keith Lee got picked in the draft.  Cabbie says, "Nice kid, good to him momma, cannot play a lick."  Like Calbert Cheaney.

4.  Howard Eisley -- he went from sucking in Minnesota to playing quite well for like 18 months for Utah, then he went right back to sucking for a long, long time.

3.  Joe Kleine -- see Mark Bryant, then add two inches, then subtract 15% of his ability.  Should be noted that while Stockton, Malone, Terry Porter and Barkley were sitting home in 1984, Joe was playing with Jeff Turner on the U.S. Olympic team.

2.  Jacque Vaughn - wow.  He was so awful.

1.  DeShawn Stevenson -- I find it interesting that this guy has logged so much time in the NBA despite being a bad guy, a statutory rapist, and being last on the list in Win Shares, last on the list in WS/48 (by a lot, he is at .032, second worst is .050) and 2nd worst in PER (to Koncak).  In the history of the game, even if you reduce the minutes played down to 13,000, there are only 4 guys who even can be consider in the same ballpark as DeShawn (one being Howard Komives).

DeShawn Stevenson has had SIX (6) season where he has ended the year with over 500 minutes played and NEGATIVE overall Win Shares!!!!!  6!  Since 1979, only 2 guys have had even 4 such seasons -- Bobby Hurley and Michael Olowokandi.

I just cannot figure it out.  There are currently 78 active players with at least 18,000 minutes played.  Kevin Garnett has 187 Win Shares, DeShawn Stevenson has 12.  Chris Paul has .244 WS/48, DeShawn has 0.032.

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RKG said...

Jerry Sloane must be the greatest coach of ALL TIME! 3 of your top 5 were starters for the Jazz-- and they would make the play-offs every year! Good lord!