Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Golden Age of NBA Point Guards

Kyrie Irving was an all-star last year, meaning he was a top 24 player in the league.  He is listed as the SIXTH best PG in the league. 

Ricky Rubio does not make the top 15.

What this would also tell you is that there is a horrible paucity of off guard talent in the league.  Kobe, Wade, Harden and...........


K said...

Sorry, when I started to read the Headline, I thought it said "Golden Age of Porn." So then I stopped reading.

HM said...

Nice. I did look up - since 1999-2000, what guards between 6'4" and 6'8" have had a season with a PER over 21?

Kobe, Wade, Ray Allen, Harden. Then the list turns really ugly - Brandon Roy (out of the league), Michael Redd (same), Jerry Stackhouse (100 years old) and Kevin Martin.

Arguably, the Timberwolves' signing of Martin gives them the 4th best off guard in the league.

K said...

Is part of your premise that some of the current day poitn guards are really "combo guards" who are more of the shoot first-pass second variety compared to point guards of 20 years ago. As a result not that many pure off guards? I do find the placement of D Rose on the list when he did not play last season very interesting.