Friday, September 20, 2013

Ken Norton - Dead at 70

Once upon a time, title fights were 15 rounds, and if they went 15 rounds, both men were completely exhausted and pushed to the edge of human endurance. 

Example - Ken Norton v. Larry Holmes, June 9, 1978 (hit the full screen button). Holmes won the fight 143-142, 143-142 and 142-143, an unheard of score for a fight where the champion lost (generally judges are loathe to take the title from a champion in such a close fight). Norton was evidently NOT a big friend of judges because he defeated Ali three times as well, only getting the judges' nod in one fight. If 15 round fights were so great, then why don't we have 15 round fights today? Well, because of this (again, hit full screen): On November 27, 1982, I was home from college visiting my girlfriend Michelle and her father and I watched Mancini-Kim. I honestly thought Kim was going to win. Then he got stopped. Then he died. Round 14.

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