Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Started 70 Games In a Season, Played 2,000 Minutes, and Sucked  (PER 10 or less, 3 or fewer win shares)

7 guys, 4 of them white guys (Singler, Vranes, Kite, Bob Hanson).  The three non-white guys (Eric Snow, Malik Allen, Calbert Cheney) all played extremely "white" basketball as well.

It is remarkable in this day and age when you can see the player production numbers so easily that Kyle Singler could garner 74 starts and well over 2,000 minutes played for a terrible Pistons team.  I mean, it isn't a situation where you say, "If it ain't broke don't fix it" with a successful team.  The guy is playing at very poor level, yet you continue to play him?

Wanna look at some even WORSE player seasons (1,400 minutes or more, negative Win Shares, PER under 8):

Austin Rivers' injury may have cost him a chance at the all-time worst career effort.  Anthony Avent and Adam Morrison and Randy Brown now have a claim to being worse....maybe.  It is really splitting hairs.

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