Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Welcome to the NBA Season!!!! Your Top 10 Active NBA Players In Various Categories

www.basketball-reference.com lists certain guys as "active" whom I no longer think are active (Tracy McGrady, Juwan Howard), so I sorted them out.  I also will keep on Marcus Camby (recently cut) and Lamar Odom, since I think they both WANT to play....

Career Points
Kobe + 6343 on KG, 31,617 points
KG 25,274
Dirk 25,051
Pierce 24,201
Ray Allen 23,804
Duncan 23,785
Vince 22,223
James 21,081
Jamison 19958
Melo 17846

Career Assists
Nash +2293 on Andre Miller  10,249 assists
Andre Miller  +2069 on third place guy, 7,956
Kobe (!?!?!) 5,887
Chauncey 5,594
CP3 5,449
James 5,302
Parker (has played 100+ more games than James, has fewer assists)  5,247
Deron Williams 5,241
KG 5,224
Jason Terry (!?!?!?!)  4,152

Career Rebounds
KG + 724 on Duncan  13,843
Duncan +3706 on Camby 13,219
Camby 9,513
Marion 9,402
Dirk 9,096
Dwight Howard 9,017
Brand 8,516
Jamison 8,102
Odom 8,059
Gasol 7,756
Tyson Chandler 7,168

Career WS/48 (minimum 4,800 minutes played)
Chris Paul .244
James .241
Duncan .213
Ginobili .211
Dirk .209
Wade .195
Durant .189
KG .188
Kobe .183
Harden .183

How about Chris Paul!  More productive on a per-minute basis than even LeBron.  Paul and James both have the benefit of not having any declining years to calculate in.  Kobe's 9th place finish is evidence of how the media has overrated his career. He is not even the #1 off guard on the list, and if you call Ginobili an off guard, Kobe is 3rd!

Career Win Shares (total)
KG 187.2
Duncan 184.2
Dirk 173.9
Kobe 173.3
James 152.6
Ray Allen 141
Paul Pierce 138.4
Nash 129.6
Chauncey 121.1
Marion 118.9
(Vince is next, but he should really be ashamed of the fact that with his talent and age he isn't top 10).

We will revisit at the end of the season and see if there is substantial movement.  The KG/Duncan battle is interesting on rebounds and total Win Shares.

The points list tells you how many years you need to play to even breach the top 10 of the ACTIVE list.  James and Melo average around 25 PPG, yet they are a looooooooooooong way from reaching the top 10 all-time points list, which would require roughly 27,000 points for the NBA-only list and 27,400 points for the NBA/ABA list.

KG is #7 on the career Win Shares list, but he would need 87 (!) more to surpass Kareem.....wow.  LeBron James has had one of the most storied 10 year careers in the history of the game.  He needs 121 more Win Shares to pass Kareem.  121 - so roughly 6 more MVP-level seasons of 17 Win Shares, plus a nice all-star level 9 Win Shares season.  That will never happen.

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