Thursday, November 07, 2013

Anti-Gay Discrimination In Employment? It is a Bedrock Principle of GOP Groups!

Now, imagine this - I create a religion and in it I say, "I really hate gay people."  You may assume that this is even the entire premise of my religion. 

So - should I be required to allow gay people to be part of my church?  Probably not.  Should I be forced to hire them to teach church school?  Probably not.  These protections for my bigoted religion are in the bill just passed by the Senate.

Why are GOP gay-hating groups so upset?  Because they wanted a provision in the law that would allow anyone running any business whatsoever to discriminate against gay people, so long as that person was willing to say, "My religious philosophy tells me to hate gays."

Where do we allow this?  If I want to handle snakes can I come into work and make my employees handle snakes?  Can I let the snakes loose in the corridors of my office?  

What if, like the days pre-1971, the Mormon church says black people are descendants of Cain and should not be allowed in the church.  Should Mitt Romney be allowed to disallow any hiring of blacks in any business associated with Bain Capital? 

Are there really that many people in America who despise gay people so much that they want them all unemployed?  If so, watch some Cinemax AfterDark from the late 1980s and maybe you will come around. 

Of course, like anything, the true haters are a very small sliver.  The really dangerous people come in the following order (5 being least danagerous, up to 1):

5) the people who just don't want gay marriage in their church and see the slippery slope;
4) the people who really honestly believe they should have freedom to hire and fire anyone they want for whatever reason;
3) the people who really hate gay people that much;
2) the people using anti-gay rhetoric for personal political gain; and
1) the billionaires funding #2 because they need Republicans to get elected so they can pay lower taxes.

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