Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Great Night For LeBron, But He is No..........Kiki Vandeweghe

So LeBron last night retakes the #1 spot (sorry Chris Paul) in the NBA in Win Shares Per 48 (.300) by putting up the ridiculous line of:

33 minutes
11-14 from the field
11-11 from the line
35 points

Which, of course, leads me to ask how often that line has been registered recently -- 33 or fewer minutes, 35 points, 14 or fewer shots, 100% from the line.  Answer

David Wesley and Kiki Vandeweghe put up BETTER lines.  And Vandeweghe's line was absolutely ridiculous.  in a 1988 game against Golden State, Kiki came off the Portland bench to register all of these stats IN 20 MINUTES OF PLAY!!!

It helps when your club is killing the opponent and scoring 147.  But still....

Is Kiki's bench effort the greatest scoring barrage since the basketball-reference.com database's start in 1985-86?  Maybe.  http://bkref.com/tiny/iTQvg  (San) Quintin Dailey in 1986 put up 38 points in 21 minutes of a game against the Knicks.  Remarkably, Dailey's 16-29 Bulls lost to the 15-29 Knicks as Patrick Ewing's 37 offset Dailey's outburst.  (Given the 1986 date and his absence in the box score, Michael Jordan must have been out with his broken foot).

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