Wednesday, December 18, 2013

15 Hottest Sports Chicks

Thanks to RKG.

My top 8:

8. Meghan Hardin
7. Alex Morgan
6. Arianna Celeste

(I rate those 3 a "9 of 10") I rate the remainder a 10, so I just need to split hairs for 5-4-3-2-1/

5. Ellen Hoog - loses points because her pose is so obviously favorable, she may just be a low 10 rather than a high 10 if she stands or sits up.

4.  Ana Ivanovic - stunning, but not QUITE at the body level of the top 3.
3.  Alana Blanchard - the constant thong shots I have seen indicate she may have the world's best ass.
2.  Allison Stokke -- just beautiful and ridiculously built.
1.  Michelle Jenneke -- the girl whose body and no makeup face you look at and say, 'Ridiculous, just ridiculous."

Of the list of 15, I only have two 7's (Wozniacki and Patrick).  5 8's, 3 9's amd 5 10's.

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