Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kobe - Fractured Knee -- Out 6 More Weeks

Can we start calling Kobe, 'Derrick Rose 2.0"?

Kobe's stats for 2013-14:

85 offensive rating
107 defensive rating
NEGATIVE 0.3 win shares
177 minutes.

Only two Hall of Fame level players have posted such a horrible season -- Ralph Sampson and Joe Fulks.

If Kobe cannot come back and play (6 weeks is basically February 1, so he should come back) he will have posted the WORST EVER SEASON BY A HALL OF FAME PLAYER whose HOF entry will not be because of his college career.

Kobe's NEGATIVE win shares have caused him to fall even farther behind Dirk, Duncan and KG.  If LeBron could put up 12 WS the rest of the year (possible) he would be a measly three behind The Devil on the all-time list, LeBron having played 400+ fewer games than Kobe.

Could it be that Kobe is finally shot?  It is one thing to blow an Achilles - Nique was an all-star after blowing an Achilles late in his career.  (Greek men everywhere are reading this and saying, 'I blew an Achilles yesterday and still played three pickup games....")

But then to come back and start breaking leg bones at age 35?  You are moving into Bill Walton/Sam Bowie territory there.

We shall see.  and since I was raised by the annoying woman who raised me, "Geez, Kobe, drink some more milk...."

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