Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Land of Borat Endorses Polygamy


I had a client who is a plastic surgeon.  he told me that generally the plastic surgery breast implant business works as follows:

-- rich guy age 45-55 gets a 22 year old mistress.
-- she is hot, but not super hot, since the guy couldn't have banged her if she was super hot
-- she isn't particularly happy about banging the guy, but he buys her stuff, so she bears it
-- she has a young guy whom she also bangs
-- the rich guy about 6 months in says, 'You are a 6, but you would be a 9 with monster tits'
-- he pays for her implants
-- at the 6 month post-op appointment, if all is well, she dumps the old guy and goes out and gets a 25 year old guy who has money.

So, the Kazahk men actually have it a little better.  They generally keep the young wife.

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