Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ten "WTF" NBA All-Stars for 2013-14 Thus Far

You see LeBron and Durant and Chris Paul way at the top of statistical categories and you say, 'ho, hum", but some other guys deserve a mention for their "WTF?" NBA stats thus far.  (I am using's list of season leaders as of 4PM on 12/12/13):

Gordon Hayward -- most minutes played in the entire league
If someone asked me - what NBA team really needs what guy to play the most minutes? -- and you gave me 30 guesses, I would never reach Gordon Hayward.

Evan Turner -- #1 in total turnovers and #7 in field goals made!!
Getting a lot of clock, making the most of least on volume of effort

Aaron Afflalo - #11 in total field goals attempted.
If yesterday you told me, "Aaron Afflalo blew out his knee and left the league 3 years ago" I might have been skeptical, but I also might have believed you.

LaMarcus Aldridge -- most field goals attenpted and made in the entire league.
Yeah, no one has a reputation of "shameless gunner" like.....LaMarcus Aldridge?....

Gerald Green - #7 in 3 pointers made.
The Timberwolves had Gerald Green 5 years ago and never played him...and that was like his 4th NBA stop.  He was being traded for washing machines and tickets to "Cats".  Now he is jacking 6+ threes a game and playing over half the game on an OK team?  (I must concede, I had to go look three times to confirm that this was the guy -- I feared there was some NEW guy named Gerald Green who had entered the league, that is how unlikely this was to me).

Josh Smith -- #19 in 3 pointers attempted
You really gotta give JSmoove credit.  He has never been a good 3 point shooter, but he gets the Pistons to bite on him despite a terrible year last year (negative offensive win shares for the season), so he starts jacking up 4.5 threes a game despite a career percentage of .282.   And he is hitting.......272.   PER under 13, negative OWS.

DeMarcus Cousins -- #1 in Usage Percentage -- 35.2
The next closest guy is 3 points lower.  The next closest center is Brook Lopez at #19 overall.  No center has EVER played an entire season with a Usage Percentage over 35.  Never.  Has never occurred.  Jermaine O'Neal played under 50 games in 2004-05 and had a 36 Usage rate, that is the only true contender.  LeBron James' final 3 years in Cleveland, he was in charge of the entire offense.  His Usage rate never exceeded 33.8.  Cousins is also fouling (4.2 per game) and turning it over (3.4 per game) at an alarming rate.  He plays 30 minutes a night and no one will accuse him of being inactive.  Wow.

Luis Scola -- #7 in Defensive Rating
I remember when Donyell Marshall would be top 20 in PER and say, "well, there are obviously some flaws in the stat."  Scola at #7 in DRtg?  yeah, playing on a good defensive team helps a lot, but there is obviously a huge flaw in this stat.

Tiago Splitter -- #9 in Win Shares Per 48
Every year we are told at the start of the playoffs, "Tiago Splitter does a lot for the Spurs.  He is really good."  Yet once the tough games start, we never see it.  I guess we just need to watch the Spurs wipe the floor with the Milwaukees of the world more often to truly appreciate Tiago....

Carlos Boozer -- #18 in Defensive Win Shares
He has been a mediocre defender since his Duke days.  I guess what this stat and the Scola stat tell us is that if you play PF on a good defensive team, you will have great defensive stats.

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