Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kevin Durant On Pace For One of the Greatest Seasons of All-Time

When your only comparables are Jordan, Wilt, Kareem and LeBron (it can be argued that this list, in some order, represents the 4 best players in the history of the game), you are doing something special.

At .329 Win Shares per 48, only Kareem had a better mark over a full season (at least 1,200 minutes).

And if you look at raw numbers, Durant's 30.9/7.8/5.1 marks, with 2.3 steals+blocks is something we have seen only from a 21 and 23 year old LeBron and a 25 year old Jordan:

Another observation -- the Thunder without Westbrook are simply not a very good team (they trailed Minnesota 100-66 early in the season), yet Durant has taken them on his shoulders and led their sorry ass to a division lead and a ridiculous record.  AND HIS NUMBERS ARE ACTUALLY GOING UP!!!

Should Durant be able to maintain this ridiculous pace, he may end up with an argument that he has just had the greatest NBA season of all-time.....and he will lose in the second round of the playoffs....


K said...

Right now- is KD the MVP?

HM said...

Right now he should be unanimous MVP.

K said...

I agree. Especially considering that he is playing in the Western Conference. The Eastern Conference is just awful.