Friday, February 07, 2014

A-Rod Drops His Efforts to Overturn the Arbitration Result

As I stated here  I do not believe that A-Rod's efforts even passed the minimal test of being non-frivolous.  I would imagine that what happened here is this - counsel for MLB came to the same conclusion that I did and sent A-Rod's counsel a Rule 11 letter, stating that A-Rod's claims were frivolous and giving A-Rod 21 days to withdraw the claims or face a Rule 11 motion (where A-Rod and his attorneys would possibly have had to pay MLB's attorneys' fees if they lost the motion).  A-Rod withdrew the claims.

Could something else have happened?  Sure.  But the original item I did was January 13, and the case was withdrawn 25 days later.  If you assume that it took the law firm 7 days to put together the Rule 11 letter, the whole thing makes sense from a timing standpoint.

Or maybe A-Rod just decided that he needed to be classier and less selfish........

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