Thursday, February 06, 2014

The 4 Greatest NBA Players With Under 600 Career Games Played

Durant is FOURTH!!! 

3rd -- Neil Johnston aka the most underrated player in the history of the NBA.  I really need to do an entire story on this guy some day.   There are few who know and love the history of the NBA as much as I do, yet until about 3 years ago I had NEVER heard of Neil Johnston. In his stint in the NBA, he was substantially better than Kevin Durant has been in his first 511 games.  4X First Team all-NBA, 1 time second team, his offensive efficiency stats place him freakishly above anyone in his era of play.   In well under 600 games, he STILL ranks 43rd in history in Offensive Win Shares.  He has more OWS than George Gervin or Dwyane Wade.

2nd -- George Mikan -- how about 109 Win Shares in well under 500 games?  Titles, MVPs, forced rule changes....

1st -- Chris Paul -- if the little runt could ever stay healthy, he would enjoy a reputation as maybe the greatest under 6'4" player in the history of the game.  Quick - who hit the most key shots and made the most key plays in the 4th corner against Spain in 2012?  It was Cliff Paul's twin brother.


K said...

Where is Derrick Rose??????

HM said...


Seriously, though -- 5th best player with under 300 games. He is no Blake Griffin.