Friday, March 28, 2014

Pam Borton - Fired

Some lessons from this firing:

1) You cannot watch 20 players leave the state each year as D-1 players and recruit the McDaniel girl and Mikayla Bailey and Sari Noga; 

2) it hurts when you lose to South Dakota State and its roster loaded with second and third-tier MN players; 

3) you cannot have so few players at year end that you are in danger of forfeiting games - you at least need to fill your 12 or 14 scholarships and have available bodies;

4) you cannot give a girl a "preferred walk on" status if she is scoring 6 points a game in 2A and has a body that resembles mine.

The good thing for the girls who remain -- they probably won't be chased off by the new coach because the new coach will have to fill the roster, so they will accept anyone who will stay.






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