Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Donald Sterling - Banned For Life


The $2.5M fine - will be upheld.

The decision to ban him from games and from participating in team decisions forever - probably upheld and probably welcomed by the Clippers and their fans everywhere.  He is, after all, 1,000 years old, so it is basically a 2 year ban.

The "encouragement" to have the NBA Board of Governors "encourage" him to sell his team - not a binding statement, will do nothing.

So the big can has been kicked down the road -- what will the NBA Board of Governors do?  What can they do?  I really, really doubt that NBA owners want to take the position that if the other members of the league believe they have done something offensive that they can kick them out of the league and force a sale of the team.

You don't think Michael Jordan ever told his mistresses something off color? 

We shall see.

A likely result - gets banned, gets told to sell.  He goes to court or arbitration and says, "Come on, excessive!" and the judge or arbitrator overturns the result.  Recall that Latrell Sprewell literally tried to kill P.J. Carlisimo and the arbitrator deemed a 1 1/2 year suspension excessive "in light of prior punishments to players."   Has any NBA owner, ever, been forced out of the league?  If not, then was what Sterling did so awful that he should get the equivalent of the death penalty?

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