Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Durant Has One Poor Game - Drops Below 19 Win Shares and Below 30 PER and Below .300 WS/48

Durant has a poor game (for him) against the Pelicans and he drops his PER below 30.0 and his Win Shares for the year below 19.0 and his WS/48 below .300. 

The Thunder have one more left against the Pistons, and since Durant should be resting, I don't see him playing at all, especially when he has that 25-point streak rolling and they don't want to play him a quarter and end the streak.

If the Thunder rest Durant, he will fall just short of some pretty rarified air.  There have only been 5 seasons ever where a guy went 19+ WS, .300+WS/48 and PER over 30.

Wilt - 1963-64
Jordan - 1987-88
Jordan 1990-91
LeBron 2008-09
LeBron 2012-13

Durant would join the list of awesomely great seasons not included in the list, including Kareem's 3 best seasons (1970-73, all above 20 WS and .3 WS/48. but fell short of 30 PER) and Jordan's 1995-96 season where he fell just short of 30 PER.

So, Thunder - what say you?  Will you give Durant a chance or not?

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