Monday, April 28, 2014

Republicans Race to the Defense of Donald Sterling

Amazing.   It is difficult to pick a “winner” out of these defenders, but I will go with Donald Trump.  “He was set up.”  Yes, cuz when you call your mistress to bitch her out about hanging up with black people and she says, “What is wrong with that?” she is clearly entrapping you into a racist statement.  What would be a similar event in my life?  I mean, what would someone call me up to say?  "Hey HM, you are Polish right?"  Yep - 25%.  "How about riffing some old Polish jokes."  I don't really know any.  "Oh, come on...they are so hilarious!"
But even that situation isn't analogous, we are in a situation here where HE called HER to express his racist feelings and she just let him/egged him on.  I mean, when does this EVER happen to someone?  I don't know if I have ever called someone to tell them some racist message or sexist message.  Why would you?  Maybe the best example is Mel Gibson - he called his gf to express a variety of misogynistic/racist/anti-Semitic rhetoric.  (On the plus side, we didn't have to hear Sterling screaming, "Blow me!" into the phone ala Gibson.)  

The most amazing thing to me about the Sterling deal is that, in truth, he isn’t a KKK guy or someone who just cannot generally stand being around black people (recall he kept the incompetent GM Elgin Baylor around for years).  He hires black people if it makes him money, and he discriminates against  them when he thinks it doesn't (like his $2.75M apartment settlement).  He is a miser.  He would feel the same way about white folks if he could identify the ones who made him money and the ones who didn't in an easy manner.
So what set him off here?  Well, what pissed him off was that people (I would guess mostly his golfing buddies) might figure out that the 27 year old that he is banging is part black!!  He doesn’t mind (per his phone call) if she is getting fucked non-stop by Magic Johnson and Jeff Kemp, he just doesn’t want to have his friends calling him and giving him shit that DONALD STERLING IS BANGING A PARTIALLY BLACK CHICK.  She needs to act white IN PUBLIC so people think she is half white and half Hispanic, so it is acceptable for Sterling to "date" her in his circle of friends.  When she posts pics with black guys or brings black guys to the games, Sterling's friends go, "Huh, she must be black." Call him up, give him shit - it bothers him.


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