Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Supreme Court - OK For University of Michigan to Be All White and Asian


The result of this case is an end to affirmative action in any state where the voters are more than half white.  I mean, come on.  If you are a white voter in, say, Wisconsin or Minnesota, and you are unhappy that your kid might not get in to be a Badger or a Gopher, aren't you going to go after the 10-15% of spots that were being held for minority applicants?
  And if you do that by constitutional amendment, then no legislation may change the rule, ever.

This seems a rather interesting take from Justice Kennedy, who apparently believes that the Civil War Amendments were intended so guys could do each other up the butt any time they want, and have lavish wedding ceremonies with elaborate flourishes, but does NOT believe that these same Amendments prevent state efforts aimed directly at keeping black kids out of state universities so white kids can take their place.

Another interesting issue is that the Supreme Court in 2003 stated that it would allow Michigan racial preferences in education until 2028 (an odd decision, but hey, that is what they said).  But I guess all that meant was "25 years or until the state says clearly that it hates blacks and other minorities."

One issue that has arisen in California is that the highest ranking schools are now basically all Asian, since Asians do so well on standardized tests.  So wanna go to Cal? You will be the one white kid there.

As I have said many times in the past, if schools want to give a "plus" to kids from disadvantaged backgrounds, they should do so - but make sure the kid is from a disadvantaged background.  There is no reason that our former employee, the daughter of two Asian doctors, should ever have received a preferential hiring preference from the federal government.....but I think she did. A poor white kid with no dad is equally worthy of a scholarship as a poor black kid with no dad.  Maybe Michigan will utilize such a program....but don't hold your breath.  And if they do utilize such a program and it results in black kids getting preferences, does that run afoul of the state constitution?

Finally, in states with any significant minority population, you really have to question the long-term decision to basically exclude minorities from the best state universities.  Do you really think it is in the best interest of your state to REDUCE the number of opportunities for a poor black kid to fight his way out of poverty in Detroit?  For a poor Hispanic kid to get out of poverty in Colorado?  Is that a smart decision?  Is the fact that your A minus or B plus white child has to go to Michigan State instead of Michigan or Colorado State instead of Colorado really that crucial that you would deny, what?  500 kids a year from the best chance to advance themselves?  That seems awfully short sighted.  But I guess it doesn't matter - the Supreme Court 6-2 thinks it is a great idea, so go ahead. 

Ultimately there is this thing in the world known as Karma. 

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