Thursday, May 22, 2014

12 Overrated NBA Players (Not Active)

Imagine you are a 6X or more all-star and in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, but you had under 100 career Win Shares and under .130 WS/48 (basically Mike Dunleavy, Jr. and Lance Stephenson WS/48 numbers from this year) for your career.

You are overrated (least overrated at the top, most overrated at the bottom):

1) Lenny Wilkens
2) Joe Dumars
3) Nate Archibald
4) James Worthy
5) Isiah Thomas
6) Mitch Richmond
7) Nate Thurmond
8) Richie Guerin
9) Dave Bing
10 Dave Debusschere
11) Dick McGuire
12) Slater Martin


K said...

No Scottie Pippen. Your apology is long overdue.

HM said...

I will need to see how he escaped this list. Maybe he played long enough to get 100 Win Shares?

HM said...

Pippen has 125 career Win Shares (35th in the NBA-only list). His WS/48 is .1462. Therefore, he misses the criteria for being on the list twice. Pippen's WS/48 places him 111th on the all-time list - roughly the same as Ricky Pierce, Shawn Kemp and Jack Sikma.

brianpaige said...

For what it's worth I looked up the various late 80s/early 90s Bulls teams and was surprised to note that Horace Grant had higher win shares than Pippen for nearly all of those years (except 1991, where Pippen was maybe 1 win better).

To me Isiah Thomas is the most overrated though. For a guy who some commentators like to put up there with Jordan, Magic, Bird, etc. the dude only led his team in WS ONCE (1985). Bill Laimbeer actually was Detroit's most valuable player for most of the 1983-90 time period.