Friday, May 09, 2014

Best Statistical Playoff Performers Thus Far Statistically Through May 8 Games

10th place - Lillard

9 - Westbrook

8 - Ariza

7 - Durant (coming on, cream rising to the top)

6 - Ibaka

5 - Tiago Splitter  (folks, I am running the numbers, what can I say!?!?)

4 -   Chris Paul

3 - Paul George

2 - Tim Duncan (he and George in a virtual tie, he wins due to better WS/48)

1 - LeBron James.

Criteria -- must have both over 1.1 playoff Win Shares and better than .150 WS/48 in the playoffs.  Then I sort down to 10 if necessary (unnecessary here - exactly 10 qualified) and give a point for each place you are in for both categories (1 for 1st, 2 for 2nd, etc.).   Lowest score is best.

Some trends - HUGE improvements for the Thunder stars.  Duncan just shows no signs of decline despite being 1,000years old.  Chris Paul trending the right way. 

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