Friday, May 09, 2014

Mitt Romney - "Raise the Minumum Wage"

I recently heard an elected official state that "the minimum wage was never intended to be a living wage; it was just a starting off wage.  If you are making minimum wage, it is your fault, not your employer's fault."

This statement simply flabbergasted me.  If my employer is paying me $7 an hour because the labor market is a buyer's market, that is MY FAULT?  I am a poor person with poor education, maybe a poor upbringing, and I want to work.  Guy offers me and my ilk $7 so he can keep making $4,000,000 a year rather than $3,900,000 a year.  My fault.  I should have become a doctor or a lawyer or a computer programmer.  If the government were to, say, tell the guy he had to pay me $10 an hour, that would be the end of the world.  Socialism.

As Romney points out -- don't we want people working full time?  Don't we want to encourage them to work and stay off welfare?  Shouldn't a 40 hour per week job give you SOME reasonable chance of paying your bills?  If you oppose a raise in the minimum wage, why not just oppose the entire concept?  I mean, if you could go back to the Triangle Shirt Factory days and pay 12 year old girls 20 cents a day, it would be a BOOM for hiring.  My God, why buy machinery?  The service industry would blossom.  I could pay a guy $1 to follow me around the golf course and applaud at all of my horrible shots (this is taken from an actual story told to me by someone who went to India and paid a gallery of 20 people a total of $20 to applaud him on every hole).

When your party has moved well to the right of modern day Mitt Romney on issues of this sort, you have lost your effing minds.

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