Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Top 16 Ex-Disney Ladies

This guy is a great researcher, but a terrible ranker.  But he does provide a great list of 16 to choose 5-9 good ones from.
Fell free to list your top 5 based upon their height of hotness.  I gotta go, in reverse order,:
5. Aguilera
4. Gomez
3. Lohan
2. Michalka
1. Spears. 
But I am not gonna criticize a vote for Hudgens or Tisdale or a young Hathaway. 


K said...

I think you may be under-ranking Jennifer Love Hewitt if ranking at her best. She's in my top 5.

K said...

My Top 5:

1. Spears
2. Michalka
3. Jennifer Love Hewitt
4. Vannessa Hudgens
5. The Christinas: Milan and Aguilera

If pressed, I would put Aguilera ahead of Milan.

Lohan would be pretty far down the list. Never a fan.