Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Top 9 NBA Playoff Performers Through May 20 Games   Requiring at least 1.5 WS and .150 WS/48 in the playoffs this year.  Then you give the player one point per position in both stats (1st place = 1 point).  Lowest score wins.

9th Place - Kawhi Leonard (9+7 = 16 points)

8th - Russell Westbrook (tied for 5th + 9th = 14 points)

7th - Kevin Durant (3+8 = 11 points)

6th - Trevor Ariza (7+4 = 11points, wins due to being more effective per minute than KD)

5th - Chris Paul (tied for 5th + 5 = 10)

4th - Tiago Splitter (8th + 2 = 10, wins tiebreaker as much more effective per minute than CP3)

3rd - Paul George (2+6 = 8 points, last night did him no favors, I think he registered a negative game)

2nd - Tim Duncan (5+3 = 8 points, wins tiebreaker as more effective per minute than George)

1st - LeBron James (1+1 = 2)  A good game, for once, out of Dwyane Wade plus James' typical above average effort led the Heat to a win last night.  If you are looking for Wade or Bosh, they are at 1.0 WS and .132 - playing at virtually the same rather mediocre level, roughly 50% of the level James is producing at.

Spurs -- Want to know why the Spurs are kicking everyone's ass?  They have the #2 guy, two of the top 4, and 3 of the top 9.  Of guys actually still active in the playoffs, they have three of the top 7.  Boris Diaw is outplaying Wade, as is Danny Green, and Ginobili's production is roughly 10% below Wade's. 

Pacers - They get production out of all 5 starters by playing them ungodly minutes, but it is not good production per minute.  Of the top 6 players in playoff minutes, Paul George is tied for first with Durant, then it is Westbrook, then three more Pacers. 

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