Monday, May 12, 2014

Top Playoff Performer Through May 11 Games - New Leader!  See previous Blog entries for my scoring system.  Only 9 guys at or above 1.4 WS and .150 WS/48:

9th Place -- Tim Duncan
8 - Serge Ibaka
7 - Westbrook

(slight gap)

6 - Ariza
5 - Durant
4 - Tiago Splitter (tied for 8th in WS, 2nd in WS/48)

(big gap)

3 - Chris Paul

(big gap)

2 - LeBron James (tied for 3rd in total WS, 1st in WS/48, but down to .305)

1 - Paul George (1st in WS, 3rd in WS/48) - While the Pacers have been pretty unimpressive in edging Randy Wittman's horribly coached Wizards, George is CRUSHING everyone in WS with 2.2 and he is 3rd in WS/48.  Plus he plays ungodly minutes, so as long as the Pacers keep going, he will be racking up the WS.

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