Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Your Top 10 NBA Playoff Performers Through May 6, 2014

Placement on the list requires being in the Top 10 in Playoff Win Shares AND ALSO in WS/48 in the Playoffs.  So, Kevin Durant is off the list because he is tied for 10th in WS, but is not a top 10 WS/48 player this far.
10th Overall  Damian Lillard  9th in Win Shares, 10th in WS/48  -- 19 Points (9+10=19)
9th --  Bradley Beal  10+8=18.
8-7-6 (tie) LaMarcus Aldridge 3+9=12
Serge Ibaka 5+7=12
Chris Paul 6+6=12
5th Trevor Ariza  8+3=11

4th Tiago Splitter 7+2=9
THAT IS RIGHT FOLKS, Tiago Splitter has been the 4th best overall player in the playoff.  His WS/48 trails only LeBron.  His WS is 7th, but if he had .1 more WS, he would be 3rd.  Yikes.
3rd Tim Duncan 4+4 = 8 -- Parker, before last night, had been horrible, but I guess when you have the 3rd and 4th best guy, you keep playing.
2nd Paul George   1+5 = 6 -- Hidden in the Pacers' turmoil has been the fact that Paul George has been playing a ton of minutes and playing very well.  Is it his fault that the rest of his team has been abysmal?
1st   LeBron James  2+1 = 3  --  Durant and Paul George have almost doubled LeBron's playoff minutes, but James is playing at a ridiculous level.  He will not continue to play at that level for the entire playoffs -- how do I know?  Of guys who have played over 190 minutes in a playoff season, only 2 have ever ended at .337 WS/48 or better --   George Mikan in 1954 and LeBron James in 2009.   Jordan came close once, Kareem came close once.  That is it.

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