Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cavs Hoping To Avoid Anthony Bennett-Esque Season With New #1 Pick

The four worst seasons of guys who played at least 25 games and logged 625 minutes last year included Anthony Bennett (who, remarkably, was not the WORST season on the list).  http://bkref.com/tiny/rkC7g

And it isn't like the Cavs didn't TRY to play the guy.  He registered 45 games with a Game Score under 6.  (10 is an acceptable game).   He also ranked very high on the list (see below) of games with a Game Score under 0 (by the way, I think I saw all of Shved's 24 games under 0).   Now the Cavs can be forgiven for this one thing -- there are a lot of other shitty rookies on this list as well.  For example, Ben McLemore had 50 games under a 6 Game Score and 20 sub-zeros.  Caldwell-Pope was viewed as a high-energy can't miss guy like Paul George or Kawhi Leonard.  He had the same number of terrible clunkers as did Bennett.  The rookie list from last year is a train wreck.  http://bkref.com/tiny/C6mvB  Mason Plumlee #1 in Win Shares?  I knew the Wolves should have drafted him, but still......#1?   Shabazz and Alex Len played hardly at all.  But for injury, the Wolves would have never played Dieng, and he ended up as a top 10 rookie!

Anyway, I suggest that the Cavs MUST draft Wiggins.  Parker could be a complete bust, as could Embiid.  There really is no high-level guaranteed player after that.  Plus you already have one fat boy wannabe scorer in Bennett, why duplicate that effort with Parker?

List of Sub-Zero Game Scores (most total games) in 2013-14:

1Garrett TempleG2014201434
2Kent BazemoreG2014201428
3Tony SnellG2014201426
4Alexey ShvedG2014201424
5Anthony BennettF2014201423
6Kentavious Caldwell-PopeG2014201423
7Steve NovakF2014201422
8Donald SloanG2014201422
9Orlando JohnsonG2014201421
10Perry JonesF2014201421
11Nazr MohammedC2014201421
12Phil PresseyG2014201421
13Marquis TeagueG2014201421
14Aron BaynesC2014201420
15Reggie BullockG2014201420
16Rasual ButlerG2014201420
17Alonzo GeeG2014201420
18Ben McLemoreG2014201420
19Donatas MotiejunasF2014201420

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