Monday, June 30, 2014

Corporations Enjoy Right to Religious Protection So They Can Keep Women From Getting Contraceptives

It is truly unfortunate that Congress (and the Court) cannot grasp the concept that if you decide to become a for-profit corporation that you lose your individual rights under the first 9 Amendments and the 14th Amendment.  Sorry - make a choice.

Sadly, this result is probably mandated by the RFRA enacted in 1993.  Closely-held corporations are basically still people for purposes of spreading their religion.  If you want to work at the workplace of a religious zealot, you are gonna be fucked over - and you will probably get pregnant due to the fucking, since the corporation won't pay for your contraceptives.

Since my daughter has taken contraceptives since she was 12 to help her with a variety of medical problems, I guess she only has herself to blame for being so unhealthy and needing the wrong kind of medicine.
Justice Alito, however, insures her that if her employer decides she cannot get a blood transfusion that Alito will help her out since his decision is "narrow" and only applies to sluts who needs contraceptives.   That seems fair, I mean, Christian Scientists do not TRULY believes in their hooey about certain medical practices, so fuck them.  They have no rights.  Only the southern Christians who vote GOP have special rights.

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