Monday, June 02, 2014

Durant 2011-12 Versus 2013-14 Playoffs

1 Kevin Durant 2011-12 23 20 games 837 minutes  Shooting: .517 .575 .373 .864       4.0 WS

2 Kevin Durant 2013-14 19 games 815 minutes  Shooting:.460 .508 .344 .810             2.5 WS

So Durant was noticeably worse in 2013-14 versus 2011-12.  In 18 fewer minutes he accounted for 1.5 fewer Win Shares.  His shooting was down 5% from the floor and 5% from the line.  He was down 3% on 3s.

Now, of the active players who have put in 800 playoff minutes in a playoff season, many have done FAR worse than Durant (Tony Parker in 2005 had a year with 800+ minutes where Tony registered a paltry 0.6 WS).  But a guy like Durant is held to a far higher standard than the Tony Parker's and Shawn Marion's and Richard Hamilton's of the world.

What I did see from Durant was that he appeared tired.  Extremely tired.  Durant logged 3,122 minutes in the regular season and another 815 in the playoffs.  Of the top 10 minutes guys in the league, Durant, LeBron and Paul George are the only three to go deep in the playoffs.  Durant was #1 in minutes, logging 200 more than #8 LeBron and 204 more than #9 Paul George.

Only 2 Spurs logged even 2,000 regular season minutes this year!!!  (Duncan under 2,200, Marco Bellinelli just over 2,000).

Do you wonder why the Spurs, despite being 1,000 years old at every position, look so fresh?  They had 4 guys who played roughly around 2,000 minutes and 5 guys who played roughly around 1,500 minutes.  Most of their team had played roughly 50-60% as much basketball as Kevin Durant.

You want to praise Russell Westbrook for being in great shape?  He played 1,400 regular season minutes.  He played 46 regular season games.  Wonder why Durant looked tired and Westbrook fresh?  Durant had carried Russell's absent ass for 4 months.

The Spurs, even in the playoffs, have continued to play with significant minutes limitations on their guys.  Despite logging 18 games to Miami's 15, the top Spurs players for minutes have basically the same number of minutes played as the Miami top players.

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