Thursday, June 19, 2014

Joel Embiid - Bad Back, and Now....Bad Foot

Bill Simmons on Twitter: 

Confirming Jeff Goodman's report: Embiid has a foot injury (origin unclear), getting it evaluated today. Won't work out for any more teams.

Now Julius Randle is a big powerful guy who played a whole college season and has a bad foot.  I have seen some folks dropping him out of the Top 10.  Embiid now has a bad back AND a bad foot!?!?  This will truly be a test of the "depth" of the draft we have heard about.  I mean, I have seen Nick Stauskas at #14 for a month.  Would you rather take a healthy Stauskas and get 20 mpg out of him or take Embiid and maybe not have him play at all?

The Nerlens Noel draft pick demonstrated how bad the rest of that draft was ("shit, I would rather take a guy with a blown out knee than one of these slugs"). 

And can the Cavs really take Parker after drafting Bennett?  I know that the citizenry of Cleveland isn't exactly svelte, but geez, shouldn't it be a criteria of a #1 overall pick that they are in shape and extremely athletic on both ends of the floor? 

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K said...

Just guessing. HE goes somewhere between 5-8.