Monday, June 16, 2014

The Chart That Tells You Why The Spurs Are Better Than the Heat

Playoff Win Shares -- it goes James then 5 Spurs then Bosh, then Green, then finally Wade.
Win Shares per 48 -- it goes James, then SEVEN Spurs and then Bosh then Wade.
Defensive Win Shares - 4 Spurs, James, 3 more Spurs, then Bosh, then Patty Mills, then Wade.

In Games 3-4-5, Pop had the Spurs find whomever Wade was guarding and just go at him every chance they got.  Be it Parker or Green or Leonard or Diaw, they all took turns torching Wade.

And since the chart covers the WHOLE playoffs, it tends to overestimate Wade's worth.  His Finals "Game Scores" (15+ is good):


Had the Heat somehow won Game 5, Wade may have put up a negative in Game 6.

Wade's Game Scores were worse than Ginobili's in 3 of 5 games.  The difference being that Popovich just benches Manu when he plays poorly.  The Heat played Wade 33+ minutes no matter how badly he sucked.

James spends yet another year grinding out over 4 Playoff Win Shares (4.3).  This ties him with Jordan with 4 seasons over 4.2 WS.   The two men have 8, the remainder of players in NBA history have 16 total.

James' .270 WS/48 in the playoffs puts him at 3 such season with at least 500 playoff minutes, Jordan had 5.  The remainder of NBA players also have a total of 8.

James moves to 2-3 in NBA Finals, losing twice to the Spurs and once to Dallas.  The Heat go 2-2 (loss, win, win, loss) in a 4-finals run, the same as Bird's Celtics in 1984-87 (win, loss, win, loss) and Magic's Lakers 1982-85 (win, loss, loss, win).

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