Monday, July 07, 2014

Cavs New Frontrunner for LeBron?

There is little doubt that the Cavs' roster with LeBron is far better than the Heat's roster with LeBron.  OK, assume LeBron plays for both teams, who would be the picks in a dispersal draft between the two teams?

1) Kyrie Irving
2) Andrew Wiggins
3) Chris Bosh
4) Dwyane Wade

So the Cavs have the best two guys and then once you get to #5, it is basically all Cavs.  You want Mario Chalmers?  I mean, he is probably the next best younger Heat.  Norris Cole?  Or would you rather have Dion Waiters and Tristan Thompson and Anthony Bennett and Anderson Varejoa and which ever Zeller they have?  OK, maybe not Anthony Bennett - but then again, if he can simply lose some weight and manage to make an open shot, is he appreciably worse than Udonis Haslem?  Is he so hopeless that you would rather have a guy roughly twice his age?

Third most WS on the Heat last year?  35 year old Chris Anderson, followed by 38 year old Ray Allen.   So 2-3-4 years from now, will these guys even be playing basketball?  Could you possible select them over guys in their early 20s?

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