Monday, July 21, 2014

Giancarlo Stanton -- 466 Feet Over the Sculpture, Off the Back Wall

The most disappointing thing of the Home Run Derby was the fact that the wind at Target Field was from the Northwest, which means the ball was not carrying to left as much as it usually does (it wasn't blowing in, just across). While this did result in the EXTREMELY rare event of two right handed hitters clearing the right center field wall, it also probably was the only thing that kept Stanton's blast to left inside Target Field. I think that on a typical summer day with a 15 mph wind from the south, that ball maybe carries out of the park. Then we are talking some truly great all-time measurement rather than the true distance of around 422 (I am skeptical of this measurement - I thought ESPN was off most of the night on true distance measurements -- and the estimated distance (if nothing had stopped it) of 510 feet.

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