Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Kyrie Irving -- Is He Worth the Max?

Kyrie has had 3 seasons with over a 20+ PER and over 18 PPG and his WS/48 every year is roughly .125.   His biggest demerits are:  1) he is always hurt; and 2) he has not been a good defender (Defensive rating 110,110,108).

So is he worth a max deal?  Listed below are similar players with the most # of similar seasons to Kyrie's typical season.

What do all of these guys have in common?  They are all really, really good guards who you would love to have on your team, but there are not a ton of 1st team all-NBA appearances here.  So the answer to the "Does Kyrie deserve the money" question depends upon who you think should get Max deals. 

Should it be only guys likely to be first or second team all-NBA?  Then no, he doesn't deserve such a deal.  Should it be guys who are regular all-stars who are top 24 players?  Then yes.  The tiebreaker, I think, is that the Cavs are really unlikely to get a guy in free agency to pay a max deal, so if Kyrie is willing to sign with you, then you sign him and worry about overpaying some other time.

1Reggie Miller*19901999INDNBA7
2Ray Allen20002007TOTNBA6
3Rolando Blackman19841988DALNBA5
4Kevin Johnson19901997PHONBA5
5Kevin Martin20072012TOTNBA5
6Sam Cassell19982003TOTNBA4
7Joe Dumars*19891993DETNBA4
8Dale Ellis19871990SEANBA4
9World B. Free19791985TOTNBA4
10Mitch Richmond*19951998SACNBA4
11Deron Williams20082013TOTNBA4
12Gilbert Arenas20052007WASNBA3
13George Gervin*19801983SASNBA3
14Tim Hardaway19911993GSWNBA3
15Hersey Hawkins19901993PHINBA3
16Kyrie Irving20122014CLENBA3
17Stephon Marbury20002005TOTNBA3
18Steve Nash20022007TOTNBA3
19Jim Paxson19821985PORNBA3
20Mark Price19901993CLENBA3
21Michael Redd20062009MILNBA3
22Brandon Roy20082010PORNBA3
23Steve Smith19941998TOTNBA3


K said...

Great PR move for Cleveland.

HM said...

Guess I was wrong about the "Cavs unlikely to get a max free agent" thing, huh?