Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Poll Find Obama Worst President Since World War II -- Proof, as Charles Barkley Would Say, That "People Are Stupid."

Not surprisingly, the percentage of people who believe that Obama is the "worst President" is 33%.  33% is roughly the percentage of people in the U.S. who would vote for a convicted murderer/child molester if he were the GOP nominee.  So what you have here is a poll in which the hardest core idiots who vote GOP simply state the guy they are most pissed at now.

Let's try to rank the Presidents post-1944 by category:

Grade F - the Worst Ones:

11th (last) -- GW Bush -- but for the whole 1850-1864 and 1920-1932 Presidents, he would be the easy winner of worst President of all-time.  Hard to place him worse than Buchanon, since Buchanon literally stopped working while U.S. military installations were taken over by rebel forces.
Country attacked by terrorists, started an unnecessary war costing trillions of dollars and thousands of lives, plunged U.S. into mini-Depression.  Took Clinton's surplus and immediately gave it away to rich people and the military. 

10th -- Jimmy Carter -- took over due to the fact that Nixon was scandal-plagued.  Simply had no idea how to inspire people or even his own party.  Everybody really didn't like the guy.  When Reagan came in he immediately reversed virtually all of Carter's policies and everyone cheered.  Allowed a two-bit nation (Iran) to keep our people hostage for over a year.  One of the 10 worst U.S. Presidents, but better than GWB.

Grade D
9 and 8 are both Special Cases:   Nixon and Kennedy -- People love Kennedy, but he last a very short time and it is really hard to identify much that he did that was a real positive.  Nixon is correctly despised for law breaking and obstruction of justice, but if you look at what he actually did while he wasn't breaking the law, he really had a lot of successes as a President.  And he would have signed off on universal health care, except the Dems fucked up and asked for too much.

Grade C
7-6-5 Grouping -- I would say GHWBush, Truman, Obama -- all good solid Presidents who did pretty well.  All had successes, all had setbacks. 

Grade B
4 - Reagan - I know this is not a good Democrat thing to say, but Reagan was a good President.  He took the shit Carter handed him, did some deficit spending, and turned things around so we could be proud of ourselves again.  He shouldn't be on Mount Rushmore or have the world named after him, but he was a good President.  His union busting, in hindsight, probably hurt a great deal more than we thought it would at the time.

3 - Johnson -- Except for the Civil War and the related post-war Amendments, the Civil Rights Act, alone, would probably stand as the greatest step forward this country ever made in human rights.  He did have the whole Vietnam issue....which is really bad..and he did quit on his country....but the modern U.S. as we know it would not exist without Johnson.

Grade A
2 -- Clinton -- William Jefferson Clinton liked to receive favors from fat chicks who reminded him of his ever-absent but beloved mother.  That caused him to be impeached.  How good was he as a President?  After he was impeached, the people revolted and elected a Democratic Congress in the next election.  The 8 years of Bill Clinton saw an economic expansion and a deficit reduction that led to the greatest overall economy in my lifetime.  The bizarre decision by Al Gore to not link himself to Clinton's success in 2000 resulted in an election close enough that GWB could steal it.....leading us back in time 10 years and eliminating virtually all good that Clinton had accomplished.  We are still digging out.

1 - Eisenhower  -- the Interstate Highway system was genius.  Pitching it as a military endeavor is even more brilliant.  Great economy, great recognition that the people should fear the "military-industrial complex." 

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