Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Elise on "Bachelor in Paradise" -- Insane, But Not Totally Unlike Women I Have Dated

Elise was told by Dylan last night, "If you offer me a rose, I will not take it.  Do not offer me a rose."  Her reply, "Why are you sending me mixed signals?"

This followed a long stretch where he told her, basically, to F off and stop smothering him.  To which her psychological response, naturally, was, "Well, he loves me so much, he just feels smothered by all of his love for me."


Anyway, a couple similar stories from old HM:

-- 1982, dating a girl from 4 towns away, but I decide to also date the lead in the school play.  Lead in play feels I should ask her to the prom.  No way - I am asking my real gf.  So I just ignore the not-so-subtle hints that are being given.  Finally, one play practice I say, "Look, I have a gf who lives 4 towns away and I am taking her, NOT you."  Tears are falling....

I show up for school the next day - lead in the play comes up and plants one on me at my locker.  Uh..............!?!?!?  "I understand that you felt obliged to ask that other girl.  Too bad you made that commitment months ago, but good for you to honor it."  Um, I have NO IDEA where those pieces of information came from.  I had asked the other girl a day or two before telling the lead in the play.  It wasn't a months-long commitment.  I never said anything of the sort to the lead in the play. But she had convinced herself that this was the best explanation, so she/we went with it.

-- 1988 -- living in Minneapolis, but had a gf from law school.  Dated a good looking blonde girl from MN for the summer.  I went to the airport and bought a ticket for my gf to fly up to Minneapolis.  MN girl found out.  (Story is actually way worse, but moving it along).  Tears are falling.....

GF stays with me Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  Tuesday I get done with work and I am bored, so I figure, why not call MN girl?  Will at least be entertaining to hear how mad she is at me.  Call -- "How is your little slutty gf?"  Um, well, she left.  "So why are you calling me?"  Just wanted to say hello.  How is it going?  "Well, better now.  You called me."  Would you like to go to the movies this weekend?  "How about tonight?"  Uh....OK.

Driving to the movies, here is the line from her, "Well, I figured you had forgotten all about me once you brought your little tramp up here, but when you called I recognized how much you cared about us."

Um, OK.  The mind can be very powerful at rationalizing things I guess.

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