Monday, August 25, 2014

Mychal Thompson - Jerry West and Steve Kerr Vetoed the Love Trade

Now this is a screwed up team when you have the owner and GM agreeing to do something and then THEY get vetoed?????  Um, OK.

Look, Klay Thompson is an ELITE shooter.  When left open, there is scarcely a player in the league who I would rather have shooting for my club.  That is one reason I think he will be so great on Team USA.  But Klay Thompson has a limited upside.  He isn't going to be a young Ray Allen, ever.  He has low assist, rebound, free throw and steals+blocks totals.   He is a really, really good shooter, and he is tall.  But that is about it.

If I woke up tomorrow as GM of the Warriors and you offered me Andrew Wiggins for Klay Thompson, I may not take it, since the Warriors are a 50 win team.  But if you asked me whether Wiggins or Thompson will be better in the 2016-17 season, I don't know that answer.  Thomspon is a more durable Danilo Galinari.  Would I trade Danilo for Love?  Absolutely.  In a heartbeat.

Klay Thompson's PER has never reached league average (15) for a whole season, and he has played MUCH worse in the playoffs than in the regular season.  Ray Allen's PER for his first three years - 14, 16, 19.  Then he kept steady around 20-22. 

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