Monday, September 29, 2014

400 Richest Americans By State -- 294 Are From States Who Voted Obama in 2012.

Doesn't this map just lay waste to the argument that the rich will flee states with high taxes?  I mean, Cal, WA, Or = 104.  NY and the northeast is another 98 (if you include PA).  That's 202 in the highest tax states you can find right there. Add in high tax places like Illinois and MN and HI, you get another 23. 

The solid GOP areas?  Only Texas and Georgia really offer much.  And Georgia (about 54% Romney) is tied with 7 such residents with Maryland (62% Obama). 

The fact of the matter is that people like to live in areas that they consider nice and urban and near large bodies of water - be it NYC or LA or Chicago or Miami or Seattle or even Milwaukee and Detroit.  They do NOT like to live in land locked areas in the center of the country and do not generally care for the more rural states.  New York has taxed the shit out of these people for years, and so has California.  Apparently there are no hard feelings, as California still boasts more of the top 400 than Texas and Florida and Georgia combined.  If you take away Texas, the other 20 Romney GOP states total only 67 of the super wealthy.  These are the lands of "low taxes and low services."  Why aren't the super wealthy flocking to these states, which are so favorable (supposedly) to "job creators"?

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