Monday, September 08, 2014

Hawks Owner - Where Is the Line?

Now, I agree that you probably ought not get caught saying that the Kiss Cam footage is "too black" but let's assume that this happens:

1) Owner is not white, but black.
2) Hawks draw shitty crowds.
3) Owner hires third party to ask people in the area with money why they don't attend Hawks games.
4) Third party conducts a survey and accurately reports back that the people they have interviewed who have money are mostly white and say they don't go to Hawks games because the fans are 50% black, and they, as sons of the Confederacy, don't hang out with black people and/or watch black cheerleaders.

Let's stop there.  Can the fictional Hawks owner, whom we will assume is not racist against his own race, do ANYTHING to attract those racist white fans? 

Can he write a memo even repeating what has been told to him?  Can he say, "hey, a lot of potential fans say....."?  Can he do ANYTHING to appeal to those fans?  What if they say they would attend five games a year if he hired 3 more white cheerleaders?  Probably legally not OK.  But what if they said they wanted thinner cheerleaders with smaller butts?  Probably OK. 

Is the only remedy the owner has for this situation to sell or move the team?  I mean, my lord, it is the South, so any white male above the age of 25 is 75% likely to hate black people.  If that is your target audience, and you basically cannot do what they are asking you to do, maybe the Hawks owner is getting a great deal by selling now.

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