Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Is Chauncey Billups a Sure Fire Hall of Famer? Certainly.

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I don't mean "Hall of Famer" as in Calvin Murphy-Mitch Richmond level HOF player, I mean, is he a legitimate Hall of Fame player.

The answer is "Clearly, yes."  And it isn't even a close question.

Arguments Against:

1) He was never First-Team all-NBA.

2) His teams were generally teams that could be described as "ensembles" - he never had to carry a team to the point where if he did poorly the team sank.

3) The start and end of his career are not exactly what you would consider typical for a HOF player.

4) When you say "all-time greatest players" you generally do not immediately think of Chauncey Billups.

These arguments, however, are far outweighed by the arguments in favor:

Arguments in Favor:

1) Five time all-star, once 2nd team all-NBA, twice third-team all-NBA.

2) MVP of the 2003-04 Finals where Detroit won the title.

3) Clearly a top 3 player on a team that had a little mini-dynasty 2003-2008.

4)  His advanced stats are just ridiculous.  His best 5 WS seasons are better than the best 5 WS seasons of Gervin, Nash, Ray Allen or Iverson.  If you compare his best 6 seasons to Dwyane Wade's best 6 seasons, Chauncey wins 3 of 6 years, and he has been WAY more consistent in the other remaining years than has Wade.

If you want to discuss sustained excellence, Chauncey had 8 seasons with 9 or more Win Shares.  This places him above Clyde Drexler and Walt Frazier, both of whom had only seven such NBA seasons.

He ranks in the top 40 in Career Win Shares, above Nique, Bob Lanier and Elvin Hayes.

His Playoff stats are ridiculous.  Of players 6'5" and under, there are 3 guys who had over 20 Playoff Win Shares and over .150 WS/48 -- Jerry West, John Stockton, and Chauncey.  Stockton played 1,000 more playoff minutes and had 0.8 more Win Shares.  Only Jerry West was clearly better in the playoffs.  (For those of you who are wondering, if you expand it to 6'6", you get Kobe, who has a worse WS/48 than Chauncey, and Jordan.  If you expand it to 6'8" you get Magic and LeBron.

So of players even 6'8" and under, Chauncey's playoff production is only clearly worse than Jordan, LeBron, Magic and Jerry West. 


Key cog on a team that won a title, reached consecutive finals, and reached the Eastern Conference Finals 6 straight times.
Has All-Star and All-NBA recognition sufficient to be a low-end HOF inductee. (virtually the same honors as Joe Dumars)
Has the advanced stats to be a high-end HOF inductee.

Clearly in.  In fact, depending upon who else is up, maybe a first-ballot guy.

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