Monday, September 08, 2014

Ray RIce Punches His Now-Wife

Pluses -
1) Rice shows great form.  His left hook is very short and direct.  He obviously has hit people before;

2) Rice's acting skills are on display as the elevator stops and the doors open -- he lifts the then-fiancĂ©e to her feet in a "Weekend at Bernie's" effort.  Then drops her back down.

3) He COULD have left her prone body blocking the elevator door, but he did not, showing concern for others who might want to use the elevator on a different floor.


A) Hit the woman so hard that he could have killed her;

B) Does not really seem to show a great deal of concern for her, even as she is lying flat on her face, skirt hiked up to her ass, blocking an elevator door at a hotel.

C) When he knocks her out, it really isn't an "Oh my God" freak out moment for Ray.  I mean, you just absolutely destroyed a woman who is 100 pounds lighter than you.  You would think that there would be at least a little emotional recoil.  Um, no.

Per the story, Roger Goodell saw this tape.  Net result -- two game suspension.

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