Friday, September 05, 2014

The Sad State of The Minnesota Timberwolves Since Kevin Garnett's Departure

Garnett's last year in Minnesota was 2006-07, a year in which he put up 10.7 Win Shares.

Since that trade (7 full seasons) the Wolves have had only 5 guys who have put up 10.7 career Win Shares as a Wolf.

Love, Pek, Al Jefferson, Luke Ridnour and Ricky Rubio. 

How bad have the Wolves been?  The 10th most productive Wolf as a Wolf the past 7 years?  Dante Cunningham.

1 Kevin Love 2009 2014    47.0 Win Shares

2 Nikola Pekovic 2011 2014   17.7 Win Shares
3 Al Jefferson 2008 2010    17.2 Win Shares

4 Luke Ridnour 2011 2013   11.6 Win Shares
5 Ricky Rubio 2012 2014    10.9 Win Shares
Garnett' Win Shares since leaving the Wolves?  50.1.
During this 7 year stretch, there have been 274 guys who have registered at least 10.7 WS.  Love ranks 28th of players playing at some time during these 7 years.  LeBron leads with 119.2, 23 more than Chris Paul, who is, in turn, 7.5WS above Durant.

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